Pernille Amping

Welcome to my painting world

Paintings in the making

The process of creating a painting, is a soul journey for me. The changes that happen in the process reflects all the senses I experience in the moment; all the past that I am and all the future I will become. Not the past in the sense of stories I remember with my thoughts, but the past of experiences deep inside; the hidden history of the evolution I consist of. Not the future I think or dream will come, but the future that is inevitable and peaceful; from where evolution continues. In the moments, where I create colors and shapes on a canvas, listen to music and explore surroundings for inspiration, all this come together and become a painting of, what I call connection, love and freedom.

Conceived in the Flowers of Mother Nature in the making

Tenderness Breaking Free in the making

Joy Birds in the making

Loving Life Disco Moves in the making

Embraced by Mama Earth in the making

Experince in the making

"Conceived in the Flowers of Mother Nature"

February 2019

Size 100cm x 140cm

Price 9.000,-

"Reborn Through Woman Veils" July 2018

110 cm x 80 cm

6.000 dkr. incl. frame


"Nature Expecting Fruit" August 2018

Size 100cm x 135 cm

Price 8.500 dkr. incl old gold-colored frame if you wish.

This painting was made on an old canvas that I bought in a thrift store. I love to find these old paintings and melt my colors and shapes into them. It connects me to a life I have never met and inspires me sense a deeper creativity. Final work is sharing two stories in one. LOVE IT Go here to se the process:

"Lemon Season Women" August 2018

60cm x 120 cm

Price 5.500 dkr.


"Embraced by Mama Earth" January 2018

100 cm x 100 cm

Price 6.500

"Life Dances with Madame Dancing Queen" July 2018

80 cm x 80 cm

Price 4.500 dkr.

"Earth, Dance & Fire" July 2018

60 cm x 120 cm

5.500 dkr 

"Loving Life Disco Moves" July 2018

80 cm x 100 cm

Price 5.500 dkr. incl. frame

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